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On Demand Account Creation

Empower technicians to create new, temporary accounts on demand to give users access to what they need for a specific period of time.


Safeguard Access

Increase your MSP’s security by limiting the number of people who have access to sensitive information at all times.


Zero Standing Privilege

Minimize the risk of security breaches, stolen credentials, and privilege abuse by only activating privileged accounts when they are being used.


Compliance & Cyber Insurance

Make it easier to stay in compliance and adhere to cyber insurance requirements by minimizing the number of users who have ongoing access to privileged information and systems.


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  • Live Product Demo

  • Roadmap Discussion

  • Q&A with our Head of Product


Robby Singh

Head of Product

Robby has spent the past 10 years building products, first as a software engineer and then as a product manager. As a lead product owner at CyberQP he spends most of this time understanding the product needs of MSPs and working with the design and engineering teams at CyberQP to ship innovative solutions.

Jimmy Hatzell

VP of Revenue

Jimmy Hatzell is a tech expert turned channel go-to-market professional with hands on experience in IT and cybersecurity. As VP of Revenue for CyberQP, Jimmy uses his technical and marketing knowledge to help MSPs build and deliver successful security programs to their clients. 

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* MDF funds become eligible for use after 30 days of using CyberQP products and must be claimed within 12 months of CyberQP onboarding. This incentive is only available to new customers on annual agreements. MDF funds are subject to approval from the CyberQP team and decisions will be made based off of our Partner MDF Program